In recent years, the onslaught of on-demand, ride-hailing services and foreign establishments have taken large percentages and severely undercut local earnings in Bali’s tourism industry. This left many local drivers and activity providers out of business. Not wanting to let the Balinese buckle under these establishments, RouteX was born to give locals opportunities beyond their reach and ensure the financial and social sustainability in an increasingly foreign-dominated tourism industry.

What We Do

Authentic Travel Experiences


We connect travellers to local drivers and activity providers to create the most authentic travel experience. Our services include local driver hire, personalised tours and bookings of activities in Bali. All services are provided in English with expert itinerary planning and a round-the-clock inquiry support.


What you pay to the drivers and activity providers is what they earn 

Our drivers and activity providers voluntarily give us percentages of their earnings to help us maintain our website and marketing campaigns. We are also open to receiving donations from third parties.

Our Mission

Travel Responsibly Without Hassle


Planning a trip can be a hassle, especially when you’re forced to make choices without full information. With RouteX, you are ensured access to the best local drivers and activities in Bali and that your contribution to tourism is sustainable to the Balinese population. We take care of your time and worry and allow you to travel freely.

Our Policy

Only Sustainable Development


We take minimal share from the earnings of our drivers and activity providers to maintain our website and marketing campaigns. The driver has the agency to demand less percentages and the flexibility on when to provide repayments.