6 Tourist Traps to Watch Out for When in Bali

February 25, 2018

1.     Avoid commissioned drivers



Drivers are often incentivised to bring guests to restaurants or massage places that they have close connections to. However, these places might neither be the best or the cheapest place that Bali truly has to offer. RouteX prevents this by assigning our correspondent who has an extensive knowledge of Bali to provide a second opinion. Our correspondent is always accessible and responsive on WhatsApp, so it won’t take long for him to respond!




2.     Taxi Scams


Taxi rides are not metered in Bali. If you are looking for a ride after a night out, you are highly welcomed to call our driver to pick you up again for a fee that we can attest would be cheaper than the unmetered taxi rides in Bali. Our drivers can be dispatched within 5 minutes of your request, 24-7. As they are responsible for your welfare, they will definitely be willing to pick you up anywhere, anytime. So there’s no need to avoid taxi scams when you have RouteX!



3.     Check your money changer’s license



You can find money changers everywhere in Bali but not all of them are legally run. Some offer you great rates that exceed your expectations but charge a hidden, processing fee. It is unfortunate when you fell for such scams as there is no way to report and get your money back. As such, our tip is to go to bigger establishments that are clearly licensed with their company name. Take note that in Bali, company names usually start with “PT.” and always count your money no matter where you change your money at!



4.     There is no such thing as “free tours”



There are instances where you might find yourself enticed to explore a place together with other groups of tourists. Like the ones in Europe, walking tours are commonly found in famous attractions in Bali. Little do you know that the ones in Bali will charge you a minimum tip at the end of the tour, which they will ask you in a pitiful manner that you simply can’t deny. Our tip is to just ask our drivers to join you in exploring the area. Remember that with RouteX, he is simply more than just your driver.



5.     Sellers at beaches


It is common in public beaches to see “ibus” or sellers who are keen on doing your braids, giving you a massage or selling bracelets. You probably have tried to refuse them and yet they still won’t go away. In order for you to have a relaxing day at the beach, our drivers will go on to bring you to more secluded beaches where there aren’t many sellers. You may also ask them to help you refuse when they come, such that you won’t fall for the scam just out of pity!



6.     Don’t ever forget to bargain!


Bargaining is key in having a fruitful trip to Bali. No matter how cheap you think the price already is, the true price might be 2 or 3 times cheaper than the price you’ve immediately agreed for. Our drivers are capable of helping you bargain and finding the best deals for you. So do inform our drivers of what you want to buy and he’ll bring you to the best shops and help you bargain as well! Our tourists have frequently expressed that bargaining is one of the most useful contributions that our drivers have made to their trips!


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