7 Bali Beaches You’ll Steal Sand From

March 19, 2018

Bali is a beach haven. With so many beaches to choose from, it must be confusing to find a place for the perfect beach escapade. So, we’ve shortlisted the best beaches for you to go to - the ones that are most well-maintained, most secluded and ones with the best view!


1.     Dreamland Beach


Dreamland was voted as the best beach in Southern Bali for two consecutive years and its name says it all. The white sand, crystal blue waters and huge waves orchestrate together to deliver a little gem of paradise on earth. The waters are perfect for surfing at high-tide or even paddle-boarding at low-tide. The absence of food stalls and local vendors at the beach makes it a great place to sit back, relax and tan. Dreamland definitely makes Bali worth going to!


2.     White Sand Beach


Tucked in the coast of Candidasa in Eastern Bali lies a hidden paradise unknown to mainstream visitors. However, locals and adventurers have sojourned to White Sands for decades to visit the pristine white sands. Once nicknamed “Virgin Beach” due to its low visitor count, White Sands has grown in popularity despite its secluded location. Nonetheless, the beach has remained spotless and you’ll have no worries of being hassled by local vendors. No matter how far White Sand is, you will definitely find crystal, clear waters and white sands most replenishing.


3.     Bingin Beach


A paradise so close to town yet takes you so far from the normalcy of Bali, Bingin has risen to prominence in recent years due to the opening of the premier beach club, El Karbon, on a nearby cliff. Bingin itself is encircled with tall cliffs, cool bars and affordable restaurants. It’s a great place to surf in late afternoon and then chill by the cliffs to watch the sun goes down. So, if you’re looking for alternative to the relatively pricey El Kabron, Bingin is definitely a place worth visiting.


4.     Amed Beach


A former fishing village turned into a diving paradise, Amed is also the place for a beach escapade. On this side of the island, the waters turn turquoise under the sun, making it a great sight to chill to. The waters are also perfect to snorkel around and provide great relief from the hot sun during the day. Its black, volcanic sand is a beauty like no other, making it a unique and picturesque experience that you always dream of. Amed encapsulates everything you need in a Bali beach, a place to chill, nice waters to cool off and water sports to go for if you’re feeling adventurous.


5.     Echo Beach


 photo credit: @dinemafine


Famous for its advanced reef breaks, endless coastline and breathtaking sunset, Echo Beach was once a humble surf paradise that was recently elevated to a world-class tourist attraction. Clean and well-kept, this black sand beach may be tough to swim at due to the rough waves. However, the coast remains an attraction for leisurely strolls, sunbathing and photo-ops. Decorated with lines of eateries serving fresh seafood and local Balinese cuisine, Echo Beach is a perfect getaway for a surf and turf as the beach manages to sync two of Bali’s specialties-its waves and cuisine-in harmony.


6.     Gunung Payung


Gunung Payung is a tropical haven. As you go down the steps, you’re surrounded with lush vines hanging off the cliff and you’ll eventually find deep green patches in the clear waters that are growing grounds of local seaweed farmers. Nonetheless, you’ll soon discover deep and coarse sand and cool waters that are great for snorkeling. Gunung Payung is not just famous for naturesque seascape, it is named after a famous temple situated on the clifftop. As such, you’ll get to experience the finest of Balinese culture and nature all in one take.


7.     Seminyak Beach

It is no surprise that the most famous stretch in Bali is obviously lined along the beach. Before Seminyak was a resort town, it used to provide a relief from the overcrowded beaches of Kuta. Although the presence of the resorts and beach clubs has brought large crowds to the beach, the properties have also ensured its cleanliness, making Seminyak one of the most well-maintained beach in Bali. Thus, it is worth a drop by, especially if you’re feeling a dip or two in the waters.


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