The Bali Bucket List for the Adrenaline Junkies

July 18, 2018

1.     Trekking @ Mouth Batur


Bali’s most-famous trekking trail is located a mere 2-hour drive away from Ubud. Batur is a dormant volcano, famous for its breathtaking sunrise seen from a summit 1,600m above sea level. At the summit, you can walk along the three craters, sip a cup of coffee while you watch the sunray beaming through the edge of the horizon, signifying the beginning of the day. Accessible for trekkers of all levels of expertise, Batur is a preferred choice for a family or friends bonding trip due to the minimal preparation or training needed for a hike, but its stunning views are still comparable to many other tougher mountain trails. 


2.     Scaling Mouth Agung


The highest peak in Bali also offers one of the more challenging hikes in Southeast Asia. Agung is only 3,031 m above sea level, yet is considered hard to climb because of its steep gradient. The recent intensification of volcanic activity has caused a temporary suspension of activities in the region but Agung still provides the thrill and scenery like no other. Once safe, arm yourself with hiking equipments and a sense of adventure and get ready to take the difficult road up because reaching the peak is rewarding like none other.


3.     Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang


This newly explored canyon offers much thrill due to the challenging climb, lack of equipments and paved routes. Adventurers have to rely on their arm strengths and survival instinct to climb rocks and venture through the canyon with the assistance of local guides. The natural landforms are highly picturesque and provide great opportunities for instaworthy posts. If you crave for a throwback to Tarzan days of self-help backcountry adventures, this is a must-visit. 


4.     ATV


The all-terrain vehicle has gained prominence as a popular activity across different countries

in various terrains . However, it is a rarity to be able to experience ATV in both sand and mud

at the same time! In Bali , the ATV facilities will leave you spoilt for choice. Aside from differing terrains, there are also circuits with different difficulties for you to choose from and you can even drive it along ridges! You would have never experienced thrill with this much ease!


5.     White Water Rafting at Chili River


Get ready for 3 hours of nonstop rafting fun! Bukit Cilli offers the longest, wettest and most thrilling rafting experience in Bali. The 18km journey down the Telaga Waja river offers the once-in-a-lifetime experience of rafting down a waterfall and other river experiences such as tubing and elephant rides-in calmer waters. This path is the one to choose for if you want to experience the true adrenaline rush.


6.     Surfing at Suluban

photo credit: @sandhy_zane


Bali is well-known for being a world class surfing paradise but with so many surfing spots to choose from, how to decide? Strategically located at the tip of the Southern peninsula, Suluban offers big waves and barrels from the open waters of the Indian Ocean. This hidden gem is adjoined with Echo and Green Bowl beaches through a series of caverns that stretches along the bay. A hidden gem to the mainstream public, this beach is hugely popular among experienced surfers and is well-equipped with surf shacks that offer cheaper-than-average equipment rentals and lessons. 


7.     Waterbom

 Photo Credit: @waterbombali


Waterbom is the #1 waterpark in Asia and #2 in the world for a myriad of reasons. It is home to 20 waterslides, some of which like Climax, are the most thrilling and inventive slides ever built. The slides are categorised according to “drench”, “thrill” and “speed”, which allows visitors to gauge the intensity and gradually challenge themselves into riding the ones with maximum in all categories. Slides aside, Waterbom also houses many kid-friendly slides, lazy river, wave pool, mega trampolines and large pools with volleyball nets and basketball hoops for a friendly game in water.

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