Why Hiring a Personal Driver in Bali is the Best Choice For You

July 15, 2018


There aren’t many transport options in Bali. You can take the taxi, rent a car/scooter or hire your very own personal driver. Nonetheless, hiring a driver would be the best option and here are the reasons why: 


1.     Nightmare Traffic

Bali has a lot of long winding roads that are usually small and often only go one-way. These small roads are full of pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and other cars, vans and sometimes even big tourists buses! As such, it might be difficult for you to manoeuvre around Bali by yourself. Hiring a driver will solve this issue since you’ll be relaying the problem to the driver himself! 


2.     Local Driver's Experience



Any local driver will know more about Bali that you do, even if you have done extensive research. These drivers are also likely to offer great advice that mainstream travelers do not have access to. If you choose to rent a car on your own, finding petrol stations and the fastest ways to get around may be a hassle for you. We believe that if you’re able to get around efficiently and have the most authentic experiences, your trip to Bali would be an unforgettable one!



3.     Worry-free travel


​Hiring a driver enables you to be more relaxed during your trip. We understand that planning a trip is not easy, especially when you have to map your route and work out whether you will enough enough travel time. Also, if you get in trouble with the law or unfortunately be involved in an accident while driving, the bureaucracy that you need to get involved with will ruin your trip! With a driver, all these worries are taken care of and you’ll get to sit back, relax and enjoy all the things Bali has to offer. 



4.     Taxi Scams



Taxi rides are not metered in Bali. If you are desperately looking for a ride, perhaps after a night out, you should call your chartered driver to pick you up! With normal taxi rides, you would have to negotiate since they will try to rip you off. The fee that chartered drivers charge are usually cheaper than the non-metered taxis and they can pick you up at your most convenient location and timing. 

You don’t need to avoid taxi scams when you hire a driver! 


Go hire a driver with RouteX! All these worries will burden you no more and you will get to experience Bali in the most authentic and enjoyable way! 












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