7 Waterfalls You’ll Regret Not Taking a Dip at in Bali

July 18, 2018

You’ve seen many thrill-seeking travellers jump from heights into pretty waterfalls and wondered where these gems could be. We have picked some of the best waterfalls in Bali based on both the chill ambience and adventure opportunities. 


1.     Sekumpul Waterfall

photo credit: @_alex_dxb


Situated in Singaraja near Northern Bali, Sekumpul is a 3 hour car ride from the city centre but the journey never disappoints. Touted as the most gorgeous waterfall in Bali, Sekumpul is made up of 7 adjoining waterfalls. Once there, you will have to trek pass local villages, hidden temples, rice paddies and cross rivers to get to the waterfall, which makes the trek an adventure in itself. Nonetheless, the crystal clear water is still the highlight of the experience. The plunge pool is among the largest and deepest in Bali, making it ideal for cliff jumping. The natural seclusion from the developed parts of Bali offers a pleasant change of pace. Sekumpul definitely offers more than other waterfalls.


2.     Banyumala Waterfall


Banyumala is a collective name for three waterfalls in Bedugul Regency. Known for the tranquil plunge pool, Banyumala is an ideal place to swim in. The waters are clean and pristine and its temperature is naturally temperate all year long. During summer, Banyumala is crowded with flocks of tourists seeking for a change to the hot, dry weather of Bali. In the rainy season, a dip in Banyumala along with the view of the lush greenery of the surrounding forest is a sight to behold. 


3.     Nungnung Waterfall



Nungnung is not your typical waterfall because of the difficult but extremely rewarding trek that you need to go through to reach the waterfall. The steep steps and long climb provide picturesque views. The fall itself is also one of the tallest ones in Bali, which allows for the mist effect to almost always show. It is also surrounded by an idyllic village whose villages are always enthusiastic to interact with waterfall visitors. There are endless great reviews of this waterfall and its close proximity to Ubud make it worthwhile to put it on your itinerary.


4.     Aling-aling Waterfall


Aling-Aling’s main attraction is not its 30-metre drop or the heavy flow of water from its main waterfall. Instead, the collection of smaller waterfalls on the side are famous among free-jumping enthusiasts. The plunge pool is 4 metres deep, which makes Aling-aling an ideal choice for free jumps. As such, dive, dip and dwell in the adrenaline rush and heat relief that Aling-aling has to offer.


5.     Tegenungan Waterfall


If you’re not feeling adventurous to go deep into the heart of the island of Bali in search of waterfalls, then Tegenungan Waterfall is right for you. The falls are in close proximity to Ubud. At the entrance, many small shops selling food, artworks and souvenirs will greet you. It only takes a short trail to reach the falls. The cascading waters surrounded by beautiful lush greenery are often greeted with rainbows after the rain. The natural springs beneath the waterfall are a perfect site to enjoy a simple swim or a rejuvenating bath on a hot sunny day.


6.     Gitgit Waterfall


Taking the title as the most visited waterfall in Bali, the 40m drop of Gitgit will definitely leave you in awe. Secluded in Singaraja, this waterfall is surrounded by lush tropical rainforests that give the whole place a beautiful tranquility. A cool dip in the plunge pool will be a refreshing relief from Bali’s striking sun. 


7.     Peguyangan Waterfall

 photo credit: @chevlad


Strategically located in Nusa Penida, Peguyangan is one of Bali’s hidden gems. Peguyangan is not your ordinary waterfall — instead, it is a collection of short fountains falling over steep ravines. Getting there will be tough since there is a series of steep steps to climb down to. However, what awaits are little pools that provide you with the opportunity to submerge yourself in the natural massages from the flowing water and a magnificent bird eye view of the ocean. 

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