The Sunset Chasers: A List of the Best Places to Watch the Day End in Bali

July 18, 2018




1.     Tanah Lot

Located on an offshore rock at Western Bali , Tanah Lot provides the altitude to view the

magical sunset over the Indian Ocean . Tanah Lot is where the typical Bali sunset shot is

taken from . Its beauty is not only channeled through the glowing sunset but also through the

orange hued reflections of dawn on the limestone cliff and the crescendo of rolling waves

that gradually overwhelms the site . Tanah Lot also houses the performance of Ramayana ,

an Indian epic that has achieved massive cultural significance worldwide . Armed with a

camera and a pair of shades , you are definitely ready to witness the beauty that has been

masterfully captured time and time again. 


2.     Uluwatu Temple

Being one of Bali’s six spiritual pillars , Uluwatu is overwhelmingly popular not only because

of its cultural significance but also the stunning views from the site . Perched on the

southernmost cliff of the island , the temple overlooks to the Indian Ocean and the view is

best captured at sunset . Inhabited by monkeys that serve as guards to the temple , these

furry pals add an interesting twist to the visit as they can be quite playful and at times violent

with the foreign presence of humans . The locals also perform the traditional Balinese dance ,

Kecak , daily at sunset . Alas , Uluwatu at sunset is definitely an experience of a lifetime .



3.     Rock Bar

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Rock Bar is not your typical cliff-top bar , it is a world-renowned sunset , cocktail and

entertainment venues . Boasting one of the most prolific lists of premier international DJs who

have performed , Rock Bar is one of the most glamorous places to go to in Bali . The cliff

showcases unparalleled views of the Indian Ocean , which gives off a Malibu-esque sunset

vibe and a seductive after-dark ambience . Rock Bar is also a place to sport your best outfit

as smart attire is required at all times . No singlets , board-shorts or alcohol-branded attire will

be permitted at the venue . It is unarguably a sunset spot at a class above the rest.


4.     Woobar

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The newly opened Woobar is part of the new W Hotel and Resort in Seminyak , a five star

luxury hotel with contemporary designs which always suit the exuberant mood of youths .

Woobar has a lovely pre-sunset happy hour promotion , with half priced bar bites and

cocktails , enabling it to be an affordable luxury . Although pool access is limited to

hotel-patrons , Woobar is beachfront along the Seminyak beach , so a lovely dip while sipping

cocktails in the midst of the sunset backdrop is definitely a must-do!


Beach Clubs

5.     El Kabron


Resting 50 meters above sea level on the cliffs of Uluwatu , El Kabron is an Ibiza-style beach

club in the most selcuded corner of the island . Delivering a touch of Iberia to Bali , El Kabron

boasts a menu of rustic flavors of home cooked Spanish cuisine and an infinity pool to

behold . Aside from paellas and pool , El Kabron boasts endless lines of ivory beanbags and

cabanas where siestas and sunset are best enjoyed from . Along with the view , El Kabron

houses premier international DJs for their weekly Saturday Sunset Sessions . It is a simple

experience done in the most delectable way , which makes El Kabron a sunset spot to



6.     Mrs. Sippy

Iconic for its 3m dive platform , Sippy is coined as the new Potatohead , which makes it

currently the most trendy spot to chill in . Completed with the LA-summer vibe , Sippy is a best

visited for sunset watching . Conveniently located in the heart of Seminyak , Sippy is crowded

with teenagers and young adults from late afternoon onwards as they seek to find renowned

Mediterranean food , Bali’s largest saltwater swimming pool , a glamorous party scene and

cabanas to chill out at . It is your tropical haven where to enjoy best with your sunset lover .



7.     Jimbaran Seafood


Fresh seafood by the beach/ Look no further than Jimbaran at sunset! Like the rest on this

list , Jimbaran is located in Southwestern Bali , which by now obviously ranks as the best spot

to view the sunset from . As the waves slowly start to climb up the shore , Cafe Menega

opens its doors for dinner service . Its man highlight is the signature sweet glazed sauce on

fresh grilled seafood that is best served with cuts of chilli padi . On top of that , whatever

seafood you’re craving for , you name it . Serving fresh crabs , various oysters and crayfish

and also the local Indonesian favorite , grilled red snapper . Its traditional Indonesian

barbeque done in the most delicious way . A sunset dinner doesn’t get any better than this!


8.     Single Fin


Strategically located at Blue Point Bay near Uluwatu , Single Fin is situated atop the

well-known Ungasan Cliff overlooking the open waters to the Indian Ocean . Famous for

sangrias and tacos , Single Fin is a great place to enjoy the sunset from while having a chill

dinner with large groups of friends and families . Single Fin boasts numerous dining areas

and can cater up to a few hundred guests at once . So , if you’re worried about having not

made reservations and missing out on a great sunset opportunity , Single Fin has the best

seats in town to chill , unwind and dine .

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